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Cynthia Cherie

Hi! My name is Cynthia and I am a Licensed Mortgage Broker in the Province of Alberta.

…you and your home in sync…

I love meeting new friends and looking forward to extending a warm welcome as they settle into their new homes. I understand that moving or buying a home can be an unsettling event. I’d love to be part of your support network to make the transition easier and hope that you too can achieve balance in your lives.
Give me a call! I’d love to take the time to get to know you and see how I can help you work toward your goals!

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Cynthia Cherie

As a young adult trying to find direction in life, I was faced with the same questions all adults eventually face. How can I buy a home? What can I do to get out of debt? How can I do both of these while still paying my bills and supporting my family? And the catch: how do I do all this on wages that just did not seem to go far enough?

These questions were the catalyst for the beginning of my journey. I enrolled in Alberta’s Mortgage Associates Program and completed my licensing in 2007. I studied mortgages with a fervor, learning the impact of and relationships between credit, budgets and investments and how they impact home ownership. I studied home construction, inspection requirements and procedures, insurance policies and how all this worked together to create what we all strive for in our lives – a balance.

Working full time as a Licensed Mortgage Broker in Alberta since 2007, I have seen a lot of ups and downs in our economy, interest rate changes and changes to mortgage financing rules and practices. Since then, I have had the opportunity and privilege of helping hundreds of people and families in various stages of their lives as they work toward home ownership, whether going through the process of buying their first home, refinancing mortgages, restructuring investments or sometimes even helping to rebuild their entire lives.

I have streamlined and simplified the financing process, anticipating the documentation and paperwork requested by lenders. I place you in the driver’s seat and help you find the mortgage product and lender that best suits your needs and requirements. In the end, you will be able to make a well informed decision about this very important purchase.

My children have all grown and now my husband and I spend our evenings with our fur babies, in the garden, exploring the beautiful river valley in the summer or skiing in Jasper in the winter. Alberta is a great place to live, work and play! We are achieving our balance in life.

Edward Cherie

Hi! My name is Edward and I am a Licensed Mortgage Broker in the Province of Alberta.

...began working as a mortgage broker in 2016...

I love that I can use my diverse skill set to help people secure one of the most important investments of their life.

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Edward Cherie

As a military veteran, I have worn many career-hats in my lifetime. Living in Connecticut, I worked as a security guard and a firearms instructor. In 1999, I moved with my family to Denver, Colorado, where I began working as a business analyst in the telecommunications industry. Although telecommunications had a lot to offer, I was looking for more. So, I started working as a real estate appraiser and eventually became a mortgage broker.

I moved from the US to Canada in 2004 – to follow love. Once in Canada, I was introduced to trades in the oilfields. I began an apprenticeship as a boilermaker. After a year in the industry, I become a Foreman and, soon, a General Foreman. Again, this career had much to offer but wasn’t exactly what I was striving for. Looking for a better work-life balance, I returned to mortgage brokering.

I began working as a mortgage broker in Alberta in 2016 – and haven’t looked back since. I love that I can use my diverse skill set to help people secure one of the most important investments of their life. My experience in multiple industries allows me to relate to people who aren’t always understood by mortgage brokers. Tradespeople, especially, are often underrepresented. But, with personal experience in trades, I can relate to these clients and help meet their unique needs. I package their documentation in a way that is easily understood by mortgage lenders so it can quickly be approved.

I also work with many US citizens who have relocated to Canada. My personal experience with relocating means I have first-hand knowledge of the paperwork that’s required. I’m also working towards becoming licensed in the US again, so I can further help my clients.

My wife and I are outdoor enthusiasts who love to travel. Thanks to COVID-19, the banking industry has adopted new technology that allows us to work from anywhere. Now, we can do more of what we love, while still doing the work we enjoy and helping people make their dreams a reality.