A Balanced Mortgage Has More Than Just a Great Rate

Alberta is full of unique individuals. At Balance Mortgages we have a home mortgage solution to fit every need. Before you contact us and start your new mortgage application process, take the time to review the solutions that Balance Mortgages provides for each of life’s real estate adventures. 

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Renewing Your Mortgage

Here’s how it usually happens. You receive a notice from your lender, probably a bank, to say that your mortgage renewal is now due. Typically this letter arrives three weeks or a month prior to the renewal date. Too many homeowners feel pressure to get it done quickly, sign the renewal note and let the bank take care of it. Here’s what you should be doing:

  • Know your mortgage renewal date 4-6 months in advance

    You need time to look at your options. It’s not just the rate but have your personal circumstances changed? Have you lost or changed jobs? Has your family grown? What pressures are you facing now? In other words, are your mortgage requirements different?

  • Never assume that your lender knows best

    No matter what the hype, your current lender has one interest in mind – their’s. They want you to sign that renewal and send it back to them. That’s why they send the renewal notices out when they do. And of course they assure you that their rates and terms are just what you need.

  • Do your own research

    You’ve probably had a mortgage for a number of years. The rate and terms were set back then. The odds are that the economy has changed. The rules are different. Go online, check with friends and, of course, check with your mortgage broker, see for yourself what has changed and what the possibilities are.

  • Get a mortgage broker that acts in your best interests

    A qualified mortgage broker has options that you don’t even know about. Rates from a broad variety of lenders; terms that fit your particular need at this time; choices you are unlikely to get from your current lender.

  • Bottom line – the possibility of your saving thousands of dollars

    Don’t risk losing thousands of mortgage renewal dollars over the long term without checking your options. This is your money. Let Balance Mortgages help you make the best use of it, by renewing your mortgage with the best rate and terms for your particular needs.

Tailoring Mortgages to Suit Your Life is What We Do

Mortgage Rates
That Fit

Your mortgage is unique.
So are your circumstances.
We find the best match.

Your Money and You

We always take the time to educate clients. Questions? What do you need to know? We answer and advise. find the best match.

No Hidden Agenda

We work for you – period. We’re not beholden to any one lender, any particular cause.

Certainty & Confidence

Doubts or concerns about your new or renewing mortgage? We bring experience and certainty to the table.

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We’ve spent the last 4 years trying to get approval for a home, but with all the rejections from the banks, we became very discouraged. Cynthia worked with us in making suggestions that could correct our credit history and make it more appealing to lenders. She also came to meet us and spend time with us during our house inspection in the middle of one of the worst winter storms!

– Paul and Amanda

Thanks again for your work on our mortgage.
It was a pleasant experience.
I was truly a novice and you walked us through the entire process very well.
I just received the final package from the lawyer yesterday, so it looks like everything is complete and in 35 years we’ll own a house!

– Kevin and Holly

Mortgage Help For Realtors & Builders

Does your client need help with their first mortgage? Let us help your clients get the right mortgage to suit their needs and existing lifestyle. Our client education will help you find the affordable home for your clients, while ensuring that they will value your own wok.