Do you know if your home has a New Home Warranty?

In New Build Home Resources by Edward


When shopping for a home, you may think that you have to purchase a home directly from a builder in order to benefit from the new home warranty, but that is not necessarily true.  If you’re considering a home that is within the first 10 years of its life, it may still have coverage that the 2nd buyer can have transferred over from the 1st homeowner.  You can search for warranty information on a home at the Alberta property registry.

The property registry is an online source of information about homes. It enables users to view the status of warranty coverage for a home, the name of the warranty provider, and the commencement date of warranty coverage.

The Alberta New Home Warranty program is not just for builders.  A homeowner can file a request for assistance with their warranty provider, should they feel they need help getting resolution to concerns they have with their new home.  Our family has even had to ask for warranty resolution assistance for a property we purchased from a builder a few years ago and were saved thousands of dollars in expensive repairs as a result of asking for their help.  Its worth it!